Diego Piñón’s unique style of teaching and performance incorporates more than 35 years of research in Mexican energetic traditions, Japanese Butoh, ritual dance, modern dance and contemporary theatre. Departing from the guidance of Japanese Butoh masters Kazuo Ohno, Yoshito Ohno, Min Tanaka, Natsu Nakajima, among others, Diego Piñón performs and teaches throughout the US, Canada and Mexico using Butoh Ritual Mexicano as a means to transform personal, cultural and social divides through the dancing body. Piñón explores the question of what it means to be human during these complex times in new and unexpected ways. His unique approach to the body and movement strips away clichés of gender, class, and national identity to reveal a deeply personal vision of humanity beyond the boundaries of convention. Diego’s goal is not only to prepare extraordinary dancers or actors, not only to create extravagant performances, not only to involve the sacred and mystical uses of the stage, but to create an energetic presence that integrates all.

Artistic Perspective

Ritual Dance allows us to set feelings and sensations on the surface of the skin from the deepest side of the soul. The range of forms could be infinite, the human expression depends on the opening of our energetic centers, our perceptions, and our consciousness. Ritual dance redeems, among others, the religious, mystical and magical side of us. There is no one technique of Butoh–it implies multiple conditions to open the joints, to open energy, to open memories, to remember our essence and origin. There are conditions and there are tools.

The energy from earth is connected to the sky from our body through our spine. We help it reach the highest level, transmitting through our dance powerful streams of vibrant energy. We can become bridges between earth and heaven, creativity and destruction, spiritual and material, body and soul, human and animal, self and other, love and hate. We could dance everything with consciousness, with a sense of transformation and offering.

Chaos and crisis, destruction and deformation, suffering and stagnation… All these are present in our lives, and at the same time we experience creativity, compassion and community. My vision for the stage is to use a public space to go beyond personal limits, to renew the highest purpose to the sacred language of dance, to understand life as a possibility of energetic and evolutionary transformation, to reach more freedom to experience creativity, love, pleasure, and joy, all with greater consciousness.

Butoh Ritual Mexicano

As human beings used the energy of nature to survive, they created the first primitive forms of movement. In Butoh dance we relive the sense of these primitive forms as a way to rescue all the lost parts of the human being. Butoh questions our habitual actions, preconceptions, and judgments.

Butoh Ritual Mexicano updates our understandings and expectations of sacred dance. This process is a result of 35 years of working and research in dance and ritual: To disrupt the patterns of our personal behavior, our inherited traditions, and our social conventions. To create a shift in perspective from performing to offering. The objective is to use the stage to be in service. The proposal of Butoh Ritual Mexicano is to create an artistic practice with the intention to serve a personal and social function beyond, but not excluding, entertainment.



Buscando la huella amorosa/Following the trace of love





P e r s p e c t i v a

Desde su inicio  publico (1959) el Butoh abrió un espacio de cuestionamiento sobre  conceptos tales como tradición, legado, cultura, innovación artística, expresión primigenia, extravagancia, manifestación ritual, etc. Cómo ha sido  posible  que una forma artística, nacida en medio de las dramáticas circunstancias que Japón vivió después de la segunda guerra mundial,  se haya expandido mas allá de sus fronteras y su estudio se haya vuelto relevante hoy en día en muchas culturas occidentales,  habiendo engendrado en América Latina una atención y propuesta particular. DOWNLOAD PDF