Omar Barquet born in Chetumal, Q. Roo, Mexico on September 10, 1979. He received his bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the ENPEG La Esmeralda, in Mexico City. He has exhibited in various national and international forums, in cities such as New York, Tokyo, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Lima, Miami, Basel, Madrid and Mexico City. He is also, a founding member of the Collective Second Floor Art, whose other members are  Agustín González, José Luis Landet and Moris. He had recieved the State and National Scholarship Fund for culture and the arts in the Young Artists Program, as well as the Contemporary Art Fellowship Bancomer.  In 2009, he earned a two-month residency in Capacete, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In 2010 held a solo show titled REVERB at the Experimental Museum El Eco and in 2011 was commissioned to develop the site speciphic installation LAPSES for the Hermés Paris – Mexico. Foundation. In 2013 he was part of an artist’s residence at Casa Tomada in a three month period, that concluded with a solo show titled Ghost Variations’ 1st Fugue: “The Flock” at Kunsthalle Sao Paulo, Brazil. He lives and Works in Mexico City.

Ghost Variations’s 2nd Fugue: The White Noise Gasps





I speak to you over cities
I speak to you over plains

My mouth is against your ear

The two sides of the walls face
my voice which acknowledges you.

I speak to you of eternity.

O cities memories of cities
cities draped with our desires
cities early and late
cities strong cities intimate
stripped of all their makers
their thinkers their phantoms

Landscape ruled by emerald
live living ever-living
the wheat of the sky on our earth
nourishes my voice I dream and cry
I laugh and dream between the flames
between the clusters of sunlight

And over my body your body extends
the layer of its clear mirror.

Paul Eluard